Virtual coffee testing

We have heard about wine tasting, cheese tasting, and alcoholic beverages like beer.
The same happens with coffee, there are so many varieties and flavors that you can appreciate it with us, their great differences and of course the quality.
Through a sensory journey, we explore and recognize their properties (organoleptic), we compare them and establish preferences between them.
In coffee tasting, we teach to identify the attributes of coffee; the color of the cream, the texture, the color, the brightness, its density, the aromas of fragrances, the aromas of roasting, the aromas of distillation.
Body, acidity and aroma.


Choose the kit of preference, a kit with a French press or a kit with differents coffee origins. We take it to your home and program a link to bring a whole coffee experience through a virtual tasting

The barista will make a small introductory talk. He will explain what coffee is, where it comes from and its history in Colombia and the world. 

The main objective is evaluate and recognize the properties of green, roasted and ground coffee beans. We want to achieve a sensory experience, trying to evaluate and describe through the senses, especially that of smell and taste, characteristics and organoleptic coffee properties. In four steps (Smell, Slurp, Locate and experience your tongue and write a description), You Will become a coffee expert !!

After perceiving the different sensations, the barista will be the responsible for giving participants a barista show and a coffee brewing experience in the different methods such as Chemex, Dripper V60, Siphon, French press, among others.

Kit basico con Prensa estampada