Who is

Constantine Café, is a coffee producer company, which was born inspired by the love and hard work that our grandparents did. Almost 40 years ago, Constantine and Evangelina; They opted for Colombian agriculture, with the cultivation of the best excellent coffee in Colombia. As a family we decided to keep the legacy of our grandfather, expressed in love and passion in the cup of a very good Colombian coffee.

From El Porvenir farm in San Juan de Rio Seco (Cundinamarca) we bring our coffee to the table of the world. 

100% Colombian arabic coffee

Cultivated at
1550 m.a.s.l

84.5 cup profile, which means high quality coffee

Fruity, herbal and honeyed, sweet and with citrus notes.


Métodos de

Existen diversos métodos de extracción de café que resaltan su sabor de diferente manera y gusto.
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método de preparación

Curva de

La curva de tostión
puede ser un poco
intimidante, pero una
vez se entiende, se
vuelve una herramienta
muy valiosa.

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